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"Special" Creator Ryan O'Connell Wants to "Make Gay Sh*t for Gay People"

I was on the road to becoming a filmmaker—my goal from a young age—and I knew one day I would make that film. I wrote the first draft of the script and I asked [British playwright and actor] Rikki Beadle-Blair to look at the script and maybe update it or add something, and it just kept going. After many years of trying, the last bit was fairly simple. It was one producer, who had money, and was looking for a film.

I'm a Gay Black Man and This Is What It’s Like to Date on Apps Abroad

The first thing I always tell people is to train and study. You have to learn the basics.

All you need is instruction and access to equipment. The beautiful thing about the industry now is that the technology is so affordable. You could shoot something on your iPhone that looks good enough to put on YouTube and get millions of views.

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Learn the ropes and do good work. No cannot be an option.

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Furthermore, 40 percent of LGBQ youth said they seriously considered suicide and 35 percent of LGBQ kids had actually planned a suicide, compared to 15 and 12 percent of heterosexual teens, respectively. Researchers lacked data on gender identity or transgender youth, who may have an even higher risk of suicide than gay and bisexual teens.

When they took a closer look at the data, they discovered the risk for LGBQ males was even higher.

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Nearly 39 percent of bisexual boys had considered suicide. LGBQ youth face staggeringly high suicide risks. Researchers now hope their findings help bring about change. They are encouraging health, political and social leaders to create strategies to help combat the issue. Support real journalism.

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