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Comment required. Enlarge Image. More from: Second Amendment. The organization objects to gun restrictions only if they impinge on other constitutional provisions. Jacob Sullum 4. Robby Soave 4. Joe Setyon 4. Search for: Email Address. Geithner, a business executive at publishing company Conde Nast, gave the following statement to Gawker: Cruz did everything he could to help Ryan—possibly because the escort played up his status as a veteran afflicted with PTSD—according to Gawker: He writes: Most Read.


Gawker's Outing Of Condé Nast's CFO Is Gay-Shaming, Not Journalism | HuffPost

Cue the lawsuit! In June , Gawker editorial staff voted to unionize. Approximately three-fourths of employees eligible to vote voted in favor of the decision. Gawker staff announced the vote on May 28, Leah Beckmann, the site's then deputy editor, took over as interim editor in chief. On August 18, , Gawker announced that it would be shutting down following the company's acquisition by Univision Communications. Gawker's article archive remains online following its shutdown, and its employees were transferred to the other six websites or elsewhere in Univision.

Media Reactions: What Everyone Thinks of Gawker’s Gay Escort Story

In March , Dan Peres was announced as the site's editor-in-chief. Gawker usually published more than 20 posts daily during the week, sometimes reaching 30 posts a day, with limited publishing on the weekends. The site also published content from its sister sites. Gawker's content consisted of celebrity and media industry gossip, critiques of mainstream news outlets, and New York-centric stories.

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The stories generally came from anonymous tips from media employees, found mistakes and faux pas in news stories caught by readers and other blogs, and original reporting. On July 3, , when publisher Nick Denton replaced Jesse Oxfeld with Alex Balk, Oxfeld claimed it was an attempt to make the blog more mainstream and less media-focused, ending a tradition of heavy media coverage at Gawker. Denton announced in a staff memo in November that the site was switching from covering New York and the media world to focus primarily on politics.

Denton cited the First Amendment and argued the accompanying commentary had news value. Judge Pamela Campbell issued an injunction ordering Gawker to take down the clip. We won't. Gawker's actions have been criticized as hypocritical since they heavily criticized other media outlets and websites for publishing hacked nude pictures of celebrities.

Denton stated that the deal was reached in part to bolster its financial position in response to the Hogan case. The article also claimed that after the escort requested Geithner settle the escort's housing dispute, he cancelled the meetup, and the escort went to Gawker to publicize the alleged incident.

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The post sparked heavy criticism for outing the executive, both within and outside Gawker. According to The Daily Beast , "a source familiar with the situation said Gawker ultimately paid the subject of the offending article a tidy undisclosed sum in order to avoid another lawsuit.

On August 18, , Gawker Media announced that its flagship blog, gawker. Univision has since deleted all the comments on Gawker articles. On March 14, , Gawker. The feature sparked criticism from celebrities and publicists for encouraging stalking. Jessica Coen has said that the map is harmless, that Gawker readers are "for the most part, a very educated, well-meaning bunch", and that "if there is someone really intending to do a celebrity harm, there are much better ways to go about doing that than looking at the Gawker Stalker".

Do they go too far? Kimmel continued to claim a lack of veracity in Gawker's published stories, and the potential for libel it presents.

At the end of the exchange Gould said that she didn't "think it was OK" for websites to publish false information, after which Kimmel said she should "check your website then. On September 17, , in reporting that pranksters associated with 4chan had hacked the personal e-mail account of Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin , Gawker published screenshots of the emails, photos, and address list obtained by the hackers.

Farey-Jones is that perpetrators may be prosecuted only for reading "unopened" emails.

However, according to the writer, O'Donnell only slept naked with the anonymous writer and did not have sex with him. And like all sexual harassment, it targets not only O'Donnell, but all women contemplating stepping into the public sphere. Denton defended it, praising its "brilliant packaging". In February , Gawker posted an email exchange between United States Congressman Chris Lee and a woman he had met through a personal ad on Craigslist.

The emails included the married Lee describing himself as a divorced lobbyist and a photo of him posing shirtless. On December 11, , Gawker and Gizmodo were hacked by a group named Gnosis. The hackers gained root access to the Linux-based servers, access to the source code , access to Gawker's custom CMS , databases including writer and user passwords , Google Apps , and real-time chat logs from Gawker's Campfire instance, in addition to the Twitter accounts of Nick Denton and Gizmodo. The following day, a database dump of user credentials, chat logs, and source code of the Gawker website was made available on The Pirate Bay , among other BitTorrent trackers.

Gawker was sued by three former interns in for failing to pay them for producing revenue-generating content. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Former blog focusing on celebrities and the media industry, sold to Bustle. Nick Denton Elizabeth Spiers. Play media. Main article: Bollea v. This section needs expansion.

Shift follows fallout from outing a gay executive, a lawsuit by Hulk Hogan

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